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Student Services

Student Services

Mrs. Yang, Mrs. Benjamin, Ms. Ervin, Ms. Queen, Mrs. Clary


SISP Services and Supports

SISP members strive to meet the needs of all of our students by visiting classrooms, working with small groups, and meeting with students to discuss age-appropriate topics such as getting along with others, staying safe, coping skills, and learning how to be a successful student.  We are available to provide solution focused support to students throughout the school day when they encounter a challenge that interferes with their learning or results in strong, unwanted emotions.  This support may include a variety of emotional regulation skills and problem solving strategies. Students may meet in the SISP office, common areas or the Reset Room (student services classroom). Senate Bill 49 now requires advanced consent for the delivery of these non-emergency mental health services and interventions.  Please complete this form if you would like your child to be able to access these supportive services  Mount Pleasant Middle School Student Services Opt-in Form

Confidentiality/Disclosure Statement for Students

Counseling is based on a trusting relationship between the SISP member (school counselor, school social worker, and school psychologist) and students. The SISP team member will keep information confidential with some possible exceptions.

SISP team members may share information with parents/guardians, the student’s teacher, and/or administrators who work with the student on a need to know basis, so that we may better support the student.

Under the following circumstances, the SISP team members are required by law to share information with others:

1. Presenting information about hurting herself/himself or another person

2. Evidence or disclosure of abuse (physically, emotionally, and sexually) or neglect

3. Threats to school security

4. Disclosure of requesting teachers/staff to call student by a different name or pronoun


Student Services

 Crystal Ervin, School Counselor  (Click Here to Contact Ms. Ervin)

School Counselor Referral


Maiko Yang, School Counselor (Click Here to Contact Ms. Yang)

School Counselor Referral


Christy Clary, Social Worker (Click Here to Contack Ms. Clary)

School Social Worker Referral


Michelle Queen, School Psychologist (Click Here to Contact Ms. Queen)

School Psychologist Referral


Kristin Benjamin, School Nurse (Click Here to Contact Ms. Benjamin)